Pedesa walk

On November 21, 2010 H3A group organized a walk in and around Pedesa. 25 people

Participated in the walk on a nice warm day and viewed the ruins of the ancient city

founded around  7th century BC by Lelegs.

Birds Without Wings – H3a Reading Group Review

Birds Without Wings
by Louis de Bernieres

As the book begins with a dedication to  Louis de Bernieres’ maternal grandfather I will start from there.  As I am not a historian I cannot comment on the accuracy of the information given, particularly about Ataturk.  During our discussion on 27 October 20l0 we agreed that we were not sure about the accuracy of the sequence of events as Mr Bernieres did not reveal his source for historical information.  There were also no footnotes to help with unkown words.  It seems that the writer is in the habit of inventing new words. Continue reading Birds Without Wings – H3a Reading Group Review