Turkish Cuisine A talk given by Gülçin Kadiköy

A talk given by Gülçin Kadiköy to Living in Turkey group on Wednesday 23 February 2011

A gourmet English professor once told me that the world had three major cuisines:

  1. Chinese cuisine which influenced Far East cooking;
  2. Turkish cuisine which influenced central Asia, India, The Middle East, the Balkans and
  3. Italian cuisine which influenced southern and western Europe.

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Gardening in Bodrum

Thursday 10 February 14:00 Gardening in Bodrum.

A question and answer session led by Gülnar Önay.

Cafe Wiener 3M Migros Bodrum Gülnar Önay is a keen amateur gardener and has written and published several books.  In her introduction to our discussion she emphasised that any garden is an extension of the local environment.  Also we shouldn’t forget that our Mediterranean climate is closer to a desert climate than a tropical one and each garden in Bodrum has its own micro climate. Continue reading Gardening in Bodrum

Walk from Mazı – Sunday 6 February

Sunday 6 February 10:00 to 17:00

Walk from Mazı

A coastal path with magnificent views of Gökova, followed by lunch at a fish restaurant

‘Mazi is a 45 minute drive from Bodrum and for much of the route the road winds through pine forests with spectacular sea views.  Local cuisine opens up a whole new world of flavours with mezes prepared with the finest local olive oil and home-grown vegetables and salads and freshly caught fish and seafood cooked using traditional techniques.  The village itself was built on higher ground so as not to be seen by pirates.  The main income is carpet making and local people weave the Milas style carpets in cream, brown and yellow.’