Sophie’s World – H3a Reading Group Review, 4 April 2012

Sophie’s World
By Jostein GaarderHerodotus “the world’s first reporter”

At first sight, a translation from Norwegian of a novel about characters in a book about philosophy seems an unlikely candidate for stimulating one of the liveliest discussions of the year for our reading group. However this is exactly what happened when we discussed Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. At times some members had to battle repeated interruptions in order to be heard. Continue reading Sophie’s World – H3a Reading Group Review, 4 April 2012

Hamdi Topçuoğlu’s Book Launch

Hamdi Topçuoğlu From Caria to Ionia – The Country of Sunny Rains
14 May 2012
Mr. Hamdi Topçuoğlu, who is the president of Bodrum City Council, an educator, author and poet as well as being an amiable and intellectual member of H3A, launched his new book at the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce.   The speakers, Selçuk Şahin, Ludmila Denisenko, Kadir Vargı, Semih Adıyaman and Güler Bener discussed the different aspects of the book which impressed them and emphasised Hamdi Topçuoğlu’s versatile personality.
Continue reading Hamdi Topçuoğlu’s Book Launch