Dear Friends

We are looking forward to seeing all our good friends at our fifth  Ebru Garden  exhibition on the 28th of August between 16.00-20.00 hrs.  Address: Yukari Gölköy Farilya Çiftliği Yolu 171/19 Gölköy.

It gives us great joy to be able to share our enthusiasm of creating objects by combining different art shapes with Ebru. It will also be a great chance to meet our dear friends as we approach summer’s end.

We hope you will enjoy the afternoon.

Love and regards

Camille, Terry, Bahar.

Photos from Boat Trip of 3 August 2016

20160803_12070020160803_120751 20160803_12070920160803_120634   20160803_142814Photos by Dilek Gürelli.