Photography 2

You have a camera and you wish to improve your photographic skills and take better photos?

The H3A Photo Workshop helps you how to “see” better, how to compose and how to use light. As the participants vary in experience and their cameras differ in features, we cannot dwell on technical subjects, so we try to focus on the “art”.

During the 2014-2015 season, we covered composition principles, portrait photography and one session each on posing and natural light. The sessions were mainly made up of a presentation about the subject covered and “reading” and discussing the “homework” photographs taken by the participants. During the reading some of the photographs are edited to give the participants an idea about photography post-processing, and demonstrate how photos can be further improved with software.

As part of the H3A Fifth Anniversary Celebrations, we had an exhibition of 35 photographs taken by the workshop participants.

The subjects we have planned for 2015-2016 season are landscape photography and if time permits, close-up photography, black and white photography and night photography.

We meet twice monthly on the second and fourth Wednesdays.  Please contact Terry Glayser [email protected]

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